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35s 15.5 wide, what size lift to fit?

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got a leveling kit on my 03, how much lift would require to run these? height doesnt bother me more just the wideth. thanks
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i would say a good 4 inch lift would clear these. i had a set of 35x12.5's on mine with just a 2 inch leveling kit so 4 should work. six inches would look good if you wanted to go that high
It all depends on rim width and offset. 12" wide wheels with 4.5" BS and your going to be close with a 6" lift. I have 20x12s with 4.5" BS and 33x12.5s with a 3" lift and longer CA's and it's a tight fit. If I had 35x15.5s I night need a 6" with maybe a spacer on top.
My buddy has the exact same truck as I do and he has a 3'' lift with 33x15.50x18 and he doesnt rub at all. His rims are 10'' wide.
This guy put 37s on his. Hes got zero lift/level and it doesnt look like its rubbing too bad so im sure with a bit of lift/level it should clear alright..
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