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3500 New Frame design

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Today I got underneath my 3500 DRW 4x4 and did some observations of the new chassis under this truck. I must say I was very impressed with how stout and heavy all the front end equipment is, The chassis design is awesome and looks like a tank frame. The oil pan, transmission pan is fully protected with steel skid plates. I saw all the inspection marks noted that it was checked off. I see now why the truck is so quiet. It has sound deadening material and heat shields under the cab floor. There was a little room between the DEF tank and fuel tank where a 35 gal tank might fit in place of the 32 currently installed. The rear axle and leafs are massive. no wonder it rides like a truck. All in all I think Ram did a good job with the new chassis design. :party018:
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These new frames and axles are massive !! Makes my old 99 3500 look weak !!!
I had to hold out for a 14 2500 to get the beefed up hardware. Finally looks as beefy as it should be under trucks this capable. Drives outstanding too, no more steering wheel shake when going over expansion joints at speed in a turn. Nice and tight. Very impressed so far. The coil spring rear on the 2500's seems to be much less jumpy on broken roads vs a leaf sprung truck.

Very impressed with this truck so far.

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