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32K and time for a clutch already

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Ok, looking for ideas on a clutch and the best place to get them. Im thinking the Southbend is my best bet but where should I order. I run hotshot for a living and pull a 3 Car wedge trailer. I did the deletes, have an mp-8 and after the clutch I am gettin a XRT. Probably tow on the 60-120 setting and thats it. No more aftermarket once the XRT comes. So I dont know what I would need to get for a clutch to tow all day everyday and something that will hold up the power of my truck (no idea how many HP it is). Any input is appreciated guys.
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I found a company that sells southbends. Its called Treasure Valley Diesel. They are selling the SB 3250's for 1350.00 and they 3600's thats is good to 750hp for 1375.00 , I think I would like the 3600 just for the extra HP rating. Anybody know which one would be better for my application.
I have no experience with either of those, but I wouldn't recommend the heaviest one you can find. You drive too much for a heavy clutch. Call SB direct and ask to speak with Peter. He's THE clutch guy and will tell you exactly what you need.
alright excellent thanks alot
go with southbends 550 for pulling and i pull heavy weights from 5000 to 21 000 and no sliping 140000 k since the clutch was replaced
I pull daily over 10k lbs and last week i throw 21 or 22 in the trailer so that make a total of 30k 35k lbs and never a problem... I use the 3250 and WE NEED an SPECIAL HYDR for our trucks...
After 6 months mine was imposible to shift and then i talked with PETER @sbc and the send a new slave with extra 1/2"....

Muy opinion is 3600 is going to be hard on your leg and not easy to shift... maybe is better to go with 3 disc from Valiar. if the $$$$ is there.
dual disk south bend 3600 is prime stuff theres a thread in the 6.7 performance section bout a guy towing and clutches from sb check it out, theres not a huge difference between 3250 or 3600..They are real quiet as well.. Call wally at FTE diesel 216-496-3600 he will hooooook you up!!!
Also give Haisley Machine a call. Ask them about the McLeod street twin, very nice clutch and it doesn't feel like you are trying to push the clutch pedal through the firewall. It feels stock, shifts stock, just a little rattle while in neutral.
The 3600 is going to be rough for low speed backing, I've read some complaints about chatter. When I called south bend they said use the 3250 for pulling my trailer over the 3500 for better backing without harsh engagement. I'm going to get mine ordered next week. I put in a SMF clutch from Napa (precision) and it chatters terribly. Its been replaced once already under warranty too.
alright guys, from the sounds of it ill be going with the DD3250 I was just worried it wouldnt hold up if i threw an xrt on 60 or 120 while towing with it. But seems like a strong clutch. I appreciate all the input guys and Ill let ya know how I make out when I get one and where I got it and how it works.
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