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Ok, I've searched the forum on these issues and the responses are from one extreme to the other so I figured I'd try to get responses to my descriptions of the issues. 1st vibration. When I get to highway speeds the whole truck vibrates. Enough so my cell phone shakes itself outta the radio cubbies. I just got new tires & had them balanced. The alignment was within manufactures specs so one wasn't needed. No change. I checked the driveshaft and doesn't appear any of the counterweights are missing. Wheel bearings are original but don't have any noticeable excess play. Had front u-joints change 5000 miles ago so they are new. Thoughts?

Issue 2: truck just died on me. This has happened twice in 4 months. It starts again but after excessive pedal pumping. Then It runs great as if no issue. I have my smarty jr on sw3. I occasionally get the WTS LIGHT to come on with 7 dings but if I clear it, it'll stay off. Thoughts?

Lastly I keep throwing a code for high voltage at brake switch?

Thanks for any help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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