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3 different problems..

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1. Truck gets stuck in 4 wheel drive with the light going off.

2. Truck quit downshifting hard as I had talked about previously but now it's back downshifting hard.

3. Sounds like a chirp after I turn my truck off.. 30000 miles should belt need change?

Anyone have any answers? Thanks for the help
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It might be time for a trip to the dealer for warranty. I recall they did an updated flash to my TCM at the same time as a bunch of other stuff. Mine shifts very nicely.
I know looking at your sig it will take some work to get in dealer ready trim. The tranny is the most critical and expensive part on the Dodge that I'm worried about. Only reason I got extended warranty.
Those are the flash levels for the ECM, not the TCM. I dunno what the TCM level is. I just know there was a TCM update that came out at the same time as my AR flash level did.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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