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3 different problems..

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1. Truck gets stuck in 4 wheel drive with the light going off.

2. Truck quit downshifting hard as I had talked about previously but now it's back downshifting hard.

3. Sounds like a chirp after I turn my truck off.. 30000 miles should belt need change?

Anyone have any answers? Thanks for the help
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Your flash I see is AR and mine is AG I wonder if that could be causing the downshifts..
Oh... I wonder if there is a way someone could send that like H&S can with the ECM flashes
4WD comes out when i put it in reverse and it doesnt do it all the time just kind of random.. If it is being shut off so quickly if i were to let it idle for a minute or so would this help? also my turbo makes like a rubbing noise when i turn it off and i can really hear it coming out of the exhaust. thanks
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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