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3.31 ?

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I'm contemplating buying a 2500 ram from a friend of mine with 4.10's. I never tow anything so I don't really need the pulling power so I was thinking about swapping in either maybe a 3.31 or a 3.56 to get better mileage. My friend says he gets about 16-18 and I'm hoping to get low 20's. What does everyone think of this and what kind of mileage do you think I could expect to get?
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what year 2wd or 4wd auto or standard i get about 20 unloaded and i nurse it loaded 11-12 so alot depends on how heavy your foot is that is my .02
It's a 95 4wd auto
its a good ole 12v get a bhaf which is big honkin air filter mine cost 230. filter, hose, box, clamps everything and takes about ten mins thats if you stop for a beer also look at intake system those will help a little and cheaper than replacing gears how many miles are on it
You have to know what tire size you have and what RPM you are doing in high gear at the cruising speed you drive at. Then you can ask a gear shop to give you the spec's on different ratio's and tire sizes. Putting in a lower ratio, or larger tire's that have you running to low an RPM is not good for the longevity of the motor. I have seen people put on larger tires and the unit will no longer drive in high gear. Get the information ask the people that know, then make you decision. PLAY SAFE!
He's got a set of 33's on it and I don't really do much highway driving mostly just jettin around town
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