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2wd mega cab years?

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Was talking with a buddy the other day and neither of us could recall when ram stopped making a 2wd mega cab. I know it was an option on 3rd and early 4th gen trucks, but don’t recall how long they offered it before throwing in the towel and only offering the mega cab trucks in 4wd.
we both agreed the closest either of our trucks would ever come to “off road” was a gravel driveway. Heck, we both even avoid driving places where there might be snow or ice…
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Yikes! Heard of a 250 super duty doing that, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a limited slip and the guy didn’t know how to drive a pickup. It had a New Orleans inspection sticker on it…

The reason we were talking about it was trying to get a good look at frame mounting points and whatnot, cuz we both agreed our trucks ride like chuckwagons and wish we could get a better ride, closer to how the 2wd rides.

If you’ve seen some of my prior posts, I’ve been toying with either notching the front of the frame to lower it and going to a full air ride, figuring out a way to mount a GM IFS up there and going air ride, or ditching the front live axle altogether and going 2wd but keeping the transfer case to keep low range for limited use like starting out or backing a trailer.
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