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2wd 4wd 47rh difference?

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What are the differences (if any) in a 2wd transmission vs a 4wd?
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Every 2wd I have ever seen/worked on had a longer tail shaft and housing than the 4x4 version. I am not sure of this transmission, and I believe there are common exceptions to this rule especially with fixed yoke transmissions like old 4 speed manuals and the like.
The tail shaft on the 4X4 is made to bolt up to the transfer case.
Hmm, maybe I should be more clear... I mean that the output shaft is usually actually longer once the tail housing is OFF. So in otherwords to put a transfer case on the back of a 2wd transmission you would need a big fat spacer or to cut the output (tail) shaft shorter. Oh, and of course the speedometer output is on the transfer case on 4x4s.

Why do you ask, by the way? Thinking about a conversion to remedy a dead 2wd transmission? :) I would not be surprised if there were other differences. On old th400's some have different spline counts as well.
The frame doesn't attach to the transfer case on these trucks. It can be removed with transmission mount in place. A different spline count would not surprise me either.
friend of mine is selling his built 4x4 tranny that he is selling and was wondering what take to convert
1 - 6 of 6 Posts