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Hi all, I am chasing a negative camber issue on my 2wd 3500. It is only on the drivers side and is clearly visable. I had it in to get aligned last week and they called me and said they have the camber plates adjusted as far as they can go and it is still at a -2. I have replaced all the bushings including the lower ball joints on both sides of the truck. I had the shop replaced the rear leaf springs last week due to a completely flat drivers side. I gained a good 2" maybe more height in the rear over all. The difference between the front and rear as measured from the ground to the fender on centerline is 34" in the front and 41" in the rear. It seems a bit higher than it should be, but they only had heavy duty leafs for the rear available at the time. I don't mind the height as I rather it sit higher than lower. Questions though, how much will the rear settle and should I be looking to replace the rear shocks with some longer length for this increase in rear ride height? Can anyone that has a 2wd 3500 take a measurement in the front and rear and post it here?

I would like to raise the front of the truck to somewhat match the rear. I would like to replace the springs in the front as I beleive they may be sagged out, so I am thinking the Tuff springs TTC-1615 and longer shocks, but I have a feeling it won't be enough as now I am about 7" difference between the front and rear. Would a spacer on top of the already longer spring be adviseable or should I look at changing out the spindles? I saw that MaxTrac makes a 3.5" lift spindle as well. Would lifting the front also help with the negative camber or do I need to figure that out 1st?

Sorry for all the questions, I just don't feel like throwing parts at a problem only to have more issues.

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