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2ng Gen QuadCab Longbox 5Speed Cummins!

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I found a QC with 84k miles on it, 5 speed, like new, longbox for 15k$$ is it worth it?? I plan on modding it and making atleast 600rwhp soon and I was told to get a 2ng gen and I wanted longbox for stacks and so i could put toolbox behind them for work and still have room in the bed of the truck, is 15k$ cheap or a decent price for this truck!?!? Im looking at it in about 30 minutes ill take a picture and get more info!

It will be my first cummins im excited!!

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If looks good and drives good worth it, check bottom of doors for rust and if it automatic give it a good test drive so you know how trans is.
As long is it's in good shape that's a pretty good price I would think. Knowing the exact year would help.
Im not gonna lie im mad! That truck is OMG clean! But its a FRICKEN AUTOMATIC! Oh im so pissed off he said it was a 5 speed manual. And he said he had another truck, that truck was sweet, lifted, new tires, exhaust, he said it was a manual, it was another FOOKING AUTOMATIC!

OMG im so frustrated right now..... I have yet to find a QC longbox manual with less than 100k miles.........
Man that really sucks. I don't know if it's something you'd be interested in but you could swap out the auto for a manual. It's not a terrible job. I just did mine.

A good figure on cost would be $2-3000. Maybe if you could buy one of those two auto trucks cheap enough it would be worth it. The auto tranny itself would be worth a little cash.

Just an idea if the truck is as clean as you say and something you really wanted.
ya def buy drive till need trans and swap, or swap before it trash and get some cash for it
It took me about few months to find mine, and I called about a lot of trucks. They just go fast. Keep your eyes peeled, don't get in a hurry, don't settle, and HAVE CASH READY.
So ... I guess I won't have any trouble selling mine, when I get ready to. QC Long Bed, 6 speed, blue sport. It's a creme puff. Looks almost new, but has 140k miles. Easy miles though, drives like new.
It will go without a fuss. I wish I would have found one like that for less than 18K
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