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2nd Gen vs. 3rd Gen towing

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Im looking to see how well you 2nd gen guys 01-02 years pull. Im thinking about selling my 07 5.9 auto trans and getting an 01-02 with a built auto. My truck pulls great but I want to buy some land and would like to not have a payment. If im just being plain stupid dont be afraid to tell me I pull cattle trailers, 26ft boat, and 16-20ft car trailers. Dont really want a manual. Thanks!
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I've got a comparison for you.

'01 HO 6spd, 4wd, QC, dually, 3.55, stock tires, Edge EZ on middle jumper. My dad's.
'05 Sig. Juice on level 1, stock tires.

They are damn close! I've pulled my 21' toyhauler (7k with bike + water, large frontal area for drag).

The '01 stays cooler on the hills (engine and EGT). Having the 6spd is perfect, running 60-65mph in 5th on a steep climb keeps all needles happy. 6th is a little too slow, lower boost and hotter temp but still safe and maintains speed.

Exact same hill with same load at same speed in the '05. 4th is on the verge of being too tall. It will pull it, it will accelerate on it, but the EGTs are high (thank you Edge). Drop to 3rd and now the engine is singing, more boost, slightly lower temps.

The '05 will pull harder (accelerate harder) with the load, but will usually run a little hotter while maintaining speed. If my '05 had a 6spd, then no contest the 3rd gen would win hands down. Don't get me wrong though, pop's '01 is no slouch and does really good when comparing these two trucks, simply because of the closer gear ratios!
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Dad gets 18-20. If he keeps his speed down (70 or less) it goes up more. He gets pretty excited at 21+. He is running the tires at about 70psi.

On my '05 I pretty much guarantee myself 20mpg if I set the cruise at 70 or less (unless I have a headwind the whole trip). 75 = 18mpg, 80 ~16.5.

Towing my trailer in the above post, they did pretty similar. I didn't do back to back runs, and temperature, load, wind, direction all factor in. My worst on the '05 was 12 (headwind), but averaged 13-14, high 14.7. The 01 did the same 13-14 from what I remember, but one time I had a good tail and got a hair over 15. Towing speeds are 60-65.
You had me scared for a second. . .I thought you were talking about towing at 80 MPH. :hehe:
Whoops, yeah that post was pretty vague.

First 2 lines are for running empty. Rest of post is for pulling my toyhauler (description in above post, ~7k trailer).

Earlier in the year I did get passed while I was doing 80 (in the 80mph zone on I-15 Utah) by a lifted-35" tire QCSB 3rd gen towing 25-30' 5th wheel with an open single axle trailer hooked to the back of it, with a side by side on it. I was waiting for that thing to wad up in front of me and explode in to a mess of fiberboard and insulation. Dude was nuts :shock:
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