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2nd Gen vs. 3rd Gen towing

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Im looking to see how well you 2nd gen guys 01-02 years pull. Im thinking about selling my 07 5.9 auto trans and getting an 01-02 with a built auto. My truck pulls great but I want to buy some land and would like to not have a payment. If im just being plain stupid dont be afraid to tell me I pull cattle trailers, 26ft boat, and 16-20ft car trailers. Dont really want a manual. Thanks!
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Dad gets 18-20. If he keeps his speed down (70 or less) it goes up more. He gets pretty excited at 21+. He is running the tires at about 70psi.

On my '05 I pretty much guarantee myself 20mpg if I set the cruise at 70 or less (unless I have a headwind the whole trip). 75 = 18mpg, 80 ~16.5.

Towing my trailer in the above post, they did pretty similar. I didn't do back to back runs, and temperature, load, wind, direction all factor in. My worst on the '05 was 12 (headwind), but averaged 13-14, high 14.7. The 01 did the same 13-14 from what I remember, but one time I had a good tail and got a hair over 15. Towing speeds are 60-65.
You had me scared for a second. . .I thought you were talking about towing at 80 MPH. :hehe:
My God! :doh::doh:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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