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i am in the process of swapping in a 3rd gen dash from an 04.5 into my 2000 model one ton. ive just about got the dash trimmed down to fit decent in the cab.
before i go to make it permanent, i need to start figuring out the hvac system. since the 2ng gen stuff was vacuum actuated, and 3rd gen is all electronic, im kind of stuck on what to do to be able to have an hvac system operational in the truck when its all done.
can the electronic motors and actuators from the 3rd gen hvac be adapted to the 2nd gen hvac? would the 3rd gen hvac fit in the 2nd gen cab? any help would be greatly appreciated!

oh and btw, i have an 04.5 engine, with a g56 transmission in the truck is why i am going almost all 3rd gen. the 2nd gen dash was completely busted, even the skeleton of it. wiring was a complete nightmare under the dash, and under the hood, even looked like they caught the fuse box under hood on fire!
had a friend with a 3rd gen cab he was parting with cheap, so snagged all i could for harness and dash pieces. so thats why and how i came up with the 3rd gen dash and engine swap lol.
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