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2nd gen parts??

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hey guys i need a couple of parts for my 02 2500 but some of the parts im not sure where to get i you guys to link me to some sources that would be great im looking for the front u joint that leaves the transfer case going to the front wheels, and the rest of the u joints will be needing a replacing to if you guys got any places or ideas let me know thanks so much
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front drive shaft has 3 u-joints,all are the to do them all while you have it on the bench.local parts store usually stock them,get greasable ones they last longer as long as you grease them.mine are only 25 bucks each here in canada

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I don't know where your at- You should add that to your profile. Along with the specs of your truck to your signature- to make it easier and to more accurately help you with any questions.
I would contact a local (reputable) driveline shop, ask about pricing on your spicer u-joints and cost of them replacing and doing a balance on the driveline. If your replacing your u-joints it's well worth your money to do a precision balance. If it's a good shop, they will do a better balance than the factory did. That will/ might reduce a vibration and make your u-joints last longer.

Look as this link for good quality replacement parts to give you an idea.

Dodge Drive Shafts
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