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2nd gen IFS interchangeability...?

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Root question: For IFS trucks, are the upper and lower control arms interchangeable between early 2nd gen ('94 thru '99) 3500's and later 2nd gens ('00-'02)?

I have an '01 with IFS and it has the original riveted in ball joints. I have a friend that has a '97 with IFS that's his donor truck for another project and it has press in ball joints.

Seems the early 2500 and 3500 trucks had the same IFS with press in ball joints then in '00 they went to the riveted ball joints. What was the reason for this? Is there something better about the riveted in setup than the press in?

I don't think there's a difference dimensionally between the 2 setups but would like to know for certain if they can be swapped. There are a few reasons for swapping but mostly I don't want to fuss around with cutting out the rivets for my old bj's.
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Look the part numbers on Rockauto and compare, They will be the same or not.
Sorry, Cannot say which is better, In looking them up it appears that they are available both with and without ball joints and press in and lock ring may be replacement for the fitted in. At Rockauto It appears that the 2500 and 3500 may have different control arms. As far as riveted vs not, I would guess the if the ball is the same size the internals are the same quality on OEM if Dodge used the smae vnedr for them. Most parts are vender made for all trucks. You can buy any of them with or without ball joint for 79 to 200 dollars each depending on brand and fit. They have several bands of each.
I do not know they changed or did both. I did see that replacements for both with ball joints have different part numbers for the 3500, now it may be just for 11000lb axle ratings but I do not know if there was other options on diesels, It did not list any others. Maybe at your tire shop or dealer you can find a guy that has done front end work for 25 years that can help. Good luck.
I doubt there is any difference in basic quality, I do not know about 2x4 but 4x4 ball joints are always limited life on these trucks.
May I ask why you want 25 year old control arms, is it just because the you want the press in ball joints?
Well looks like you are experimenting with any way you go because of the lowering. I guess nobody makes anything specialized for 2x4 lowering like they do for 4x4 lifting with dozens of choices. If everything measures out the same exactly I can not see a problem what ever you do. With new ball joints and bushings they are just forged steel. But they are different part numbers so I do not know if the is one difference in something like thickness or something. I assume the "friends" parts are free, or I would use new.
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