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2nd & 3rd gen dually wheels on 1st gen

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i know ive asked about the single wheels working and i know they needed spacers but what about the dually wheels, i am looking for a cheap chrome/polishes wheel instead of the ugly steelies the 1st gens had and if the newer ram wheels will fit that would be a good route to follow!
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Yeah, I'm curious also.
They wont be a direct bolt on for 2 reasons-
1. 1stGens have a 5/8 stud; 2nd/ 3rd Gens have 9/16 stud.

2. 1stGens are coined fit. Look at the wheels and you will see that 4 holes are pointed one way, the other 4 the other way. 2nd/3rd Gens are flat faced.

I went through this with my D80 swap. Not that I'd change anything now, but it was a PITA running singles for a while because I lacked the other 2 wheels.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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