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2A01 or 2AD1 code

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I got this on the key trick, engine light is on. Cannot tell if it is a D as in dog or a number 0 or a letter O as in oh crud another CEL. I cannot find this one...anyone know anything?:thud:
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P2A01 - Oxygen Sensor 1/2 Circuit Performance
oxygen sensor

So does that sound like the oxygen sensor recall issue? The truck was bulit in Aug of 07 as an '08. The light went away after two days and about 10 starts. Just keep driving it til it pops up and stays on?
the o2 sensor recall was actually for the O2 sensor module, not the sensors. I would wait and see if it comes back. If it does, i would take it in and have it replaced.
I got that code once and it confused the guys at the dealership. They just cleared it. Pretty soon after I got the P2000 code (I'd had that code several times previously) and they replaced the O2 sensor. So far it's been OK with the new sensor. They reflashed the computer about the same time.
Got that code as well, the dealer just replaced the o2 sensor, instead of looking into what caused it.

They probably don't know what caused it, just throw parts at it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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