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24V Block Needing Help ASAP

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Hey Guys Im buying a 2001 Dodge 2500 4x4 and Im trying to find the Block casting Number to see if its a 53 block or not Im having problems finding the number. is there any way to find out beside looking at the casting number. I have the truck at the house now and let it cool down and going to go look again with a light and take the wiring harness off and see if i can find it easier.

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Well On 53 Block the Numbers I got r M9 A09JOA 28C 1 3 So Im guessing the 28C it the Casting Number .
driver's side, front of tire, front/right side of block, look from underside putting your head were you shouldn't if your parked on a down hill!

there will be a big "53" just infront of the puke tube
Hey Mutch79 I was Checking at the Front of the block ( I have a Diesel power mag and it was saying its driver side front on the block ) thats were i was looking I had to unbolt a clamp that holds the wiring harness to see the numbers. (right below the injector pump )
Hey Clunk there is no casting number where the wiring harness goes its smooth as a babys butt. But I will check the other side when i get the truck. But I know the truck was built in mexico.
today while i was underneath my front end i noticed a fairly big 55 on the passenger front side... right above the oil pan and right around the corner from the front (if that makes sense)

i guess im not 100% sure if that number is something else but im assuming it means i've got a 55 block and not a 53...:party018:

anyways... might try looking there and see what u come up with
that is correct that would be a 55 block. The 53 is hard to miss if it is there. but some do not have a casting number in that location (all 53 blocks will)
Sounds like you are a lucky one. Check your passanger side in the same location as were you checked the driver's side. Let us know.
Yup, might have a heavy mexican block...lucky rascal.

My 55's are right where Stamey described.
Hey guys Thanks Im waiting for the dealship to get done with the Front seal in the Axle and The A/C Im hoping to get it today and I got a good Degreaser and Im going to Clean The Engine Bay and the Frame and I will Check the Passanger side and see if there a casting Number.
If you already committed to buy it, then why bother finding out? If I was buying and had a choice between two trucks of the exact same condition and price, one with a 53 block and one that wasn't, then yeah, it would make me go with the non 53... But if it meant paying significantly more for it, or getting a beat up truck because it wasnt a 53 I wouldnt. If I already owned the truck, i wouldnt worry about it either. If it cracks, it cracks. If it doesn't, it doesnt. But if you now find you have a 53 theres not much you can do about it other than get nervous and worry.
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Well BOOSTEDONE I would like to know what block I have and If its a 53 block I can go ahead and start looking for a new block and start building the new motor like i want and just wait for the old block to crank. Because I would hate to not have a new motor ready and the one in the truck cranks because I did not take 5mins and check for a little number on the block and be blind sided later.

Because if the block is a 53 why would spend a ton of money on the motor and I know the block is going to crank .
I'd check to be sure before any money changes hands.
If the truck is so nice you're willing to risk the block then the #53 block issue is a point to dicker price on...maybe a $2000 break.
Im betting the Block is not a 53. Because I looked on the other side first and did not see anything. I'll get the truck tomorrow and Im going to double check the Block because i do not want to spend the money on upgrades if I have to start looking for a new block.
If I look over my passenger side battery and see the air conditioning compressor, I can see 55 cast on my block just rear of the air conditioning compressor. There's some wiring hiding one of the 5's but is easily moved with a stick to see both 5's.
Ok Clunk I will check it out tomorrow. Im going to be cleaning the whole engine bay and under body good tomorrow. If the truck is ready.
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