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20's on my 1998 12 valve

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Weld Cheyenne Evo 8s
goodyear 285/70/20

What do you think? The ride is much improved over my Dayton Timberline 285/75/16s
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here it is.
The rims are nice, but i'm more toward the mud terrain tires. Throw some Toyo open country m/t's on there.
Yeah, i just love how smooth it rides and i can actually answer my phone in the truck at cruizing speed, or listen to music without it being on 22 -24 level!
i like it i cant wait to get rims for my truck
meh, i prefer little wheels with big tires on trucks. but if you like it, enjoy it, it's yours!
good looking set-up, like the color of truck to
Thanks guys, I will get some better pics of it with my camera. That was a camera phone pic. I will wash it up too :]
Nice! wish i had a 98 12v. or just a 12v in general.
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