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That's really unfortunate. I always option my trucks w/o them because of stuff like this. I've been in so many trucks that have them leak occasionally. Same w sunroofs. Living in the northeast I think new trucks need an option to be dipped in POR 15 prior to delivery. The metal is so thin now, it's good you caught that before it got worse.
I've said it many times, , vehicles need a salt belt option for metal coatings, just like CA emissions and crap
I mean I am sure many folks would gladly pay extra for that option (like dip the whole dam truck in POR 15 before final painting LOL, or come pre coating with something like RP 342 or such! and offer re-coatings if needed))

I mean to to have added salt protection to metal surfaces,, which can add yrs of life to a vehicles, making these crazy price tags anymore not seem so bad!

As in today's modern age, there are No shortage of better proven metal coatings on the market now, over just some cheap paint they use at the factory!

and if done at factory level in bulk, , I am sure costs could Not be that huge of a difference over the cheap paint they coat the undercarriage with now!

as at the price of these vehicles anymore, they should NOT rust out so fast, its almost a dam crime for a vehicle costing as much as modern trucks do! to be eaten by salt in just a few yrs!

that or some fancy greedy ass lawyer needs to start some class action suit against DOT"S that use salt and the brine solution , as there is NO way any one can say they didn;t know that salt and that solution they spray doesn't eat our vehicles! its common knowledge it does! and not like anyone has the option of driving on roads that don;t get it, and staying home till summer isn;t a viable option either! Haha!~

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That's the best answer. Travel at your own risk.
fine and dandy till idiots that don't know how to drive , do and they cluster F the roads and NO one can get thru! screwing us all!
or just imagine the wacko's and there new found law suits, that stop DOT 's from having money to fix pot holes! , as if they don;t have enough excuses now about no money for projects!!

I'd just rather MAKE the OEM"S offer better salt protection ,
make them guarantee rust free for 10 yrs, over the 36 months most only have now, cheap rattle can paint can do that!(odds are might be what they use )
a GOOD coating will last a LONG time, over cheap paint!
and its not like its going to stop drive train parts from wearing out, or miles added to a vehicle
but when a 50-70-100k vehicle is rusting out due to salt damage and only has a few miles on it, but is a few yrs old, that's a crime IMO, and a shame! and not everyone can afford a garage to park a vehicle in, nor, do it them selves or PAY to have someone else add a better coating, to prevent itI(as is rust)
at the price of vehicles now, this shouldn;t be asking or expecting too much!

,maybe OEM's can call it a GREENER deal, as won;t be causing as much trash to land fills then too< making tree huggers happy as well!

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It wouldn't take all that long for those who shouldn't be driving/can't drive to be sorted out of the system. Survival of the fittest worked great for improving the breed and make people more capable...until we wouldn't allow it, and started to give trophies to everybody.

Better corrosion protection on vehicles won't help with the damage that salt and such does to the roads.

Parking in a garage (I assume you mean heated) is actually worse from a corrosion standpoint than leaving things in a frozen state.
as much as I would love top agree with you, I cannot
the problem with letting nature sort out those that can and cannot drive in snow
problem is, new idiots will replace those that learned anything, so will always be new idiots blocking and crashing on snowy roads!
that will never solve things

and as for a garage
NO, its Not all about snow protection from rust , but I can assure you having DRY pl;ace to store a vehicle in will add yrs of life to it over parking in the elements all yr!

park your vehicles on wet ground all yr, or damp ground, gravel grass, or such
and that alone will hold more moisture to speed rusting process up, add salt to the mix and even faster rusting out of things!
so havinga garage can be HUGE difference, liek it or not?

if you really don't believe there are better coatings out there that can control rust, your kidding yourself

I have used many that made HUGE differences
coasting metal parts on salt plow rucks with POR 15, a good paint over that and some RP342 over that
and things last substantially longer without rust, over just paint, and I mean MANY many YRS longer!
so, without a doubt, it would be WAY easier to add better rust protection that trying to cure idiots on the roadways,a s much as I would love to see ONLY folks that know how to drive better on roadways, that will NEVER happen,
too many variables in humans that cannot be controlled!

and if you think OEM's cannot do better coatings, think again, some already do NOW!!

have you ever seen HD trucks, dump trucks, tractor trailers things with basically a CDL needed to drive? as an example
and there are plenty of BAD cdl drivers out there too! cannot seem to control that and they are required to do way more testing?? so, getting ruid of BAD drivers is not a solutiion that is honestly viable, even if it seems logical!

BUt these vehicles they run in salt belts and have WAY less rust issue's ,,
because they come directly from factory with , better METAL< and better coatings over it, which stops and prevents them from failing as fast to salt and rusting out,!

as too basic cars and trucks made for average drivers.consumers!

so, there is already proof out there its possible to be done!, as its being done on SOME vehicles now!

but just for commercial drivers it seems!(and I had a CDL too by the way)
so, since we cannot control drivers abilities, we can control what products are used in making vehicles, maybe again, having as an OPTION to buy a better coated vehicles
is a more logical and possible solution, and maybe even an expectation we customers should have on new vehicles with these crazy high costs of vehicles these days.
there are a lot o foklks living on FIXED income that don;t have ability to go back to work, due to crazy current prices of things
least they should be able to expect is for things to last and not rot away so fast!

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Whether a garIage helps or hurts largely depends on the climate.

Here the vehicles sitting outside don't seem to corrode any more than the garaged ones. That's a function of low humidity, helped by low levels of oxygen in the air.

When basic unpainted steel stock doesn't readily rust, vehicles don't, either.
I an fully agree environment/climate can alter rusting, as humidity levels and such do,

BUT even in a low humidity area or rust free climate
once you add in add in a coating of road salt or brine, to any of your un treated metal,
and I will still bet it severely effects how fast and aggressive rusting happens! in any climate!
so NO salt protection or poor quality salt protections matters a lot to a vehicle lasting or not IMO!
putting tape over fame holes, doesn;t really IMO< be a great way to keep salt out of frames on our trucks?
pretty piss poor deal , if you ask me! again all the more so on a 50-60-70+ k truck!

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And that's why I rinse my 3500 and trailer off after them being exposed to Colorado's magnesium chloride. View attachment 968871 View attachment 968872
I rinse mine all the time and wash ,, cannot do every time, as some times there is salt on roads ways for weeks or longer, and cannot wash every day but there is always salt residue I cannot get rid of, not top mention, many times when rinsing off, your also pushing salt into places it can lay and eat!

also don't have access to water yr round to do so every time either!, if I did, I have ponds of ice all over where I park too, not helping matters!

then again, I also don;t have means to lift as you do??
I do wish I did, sure come in handy for many other things I can image HAHA)
and I gather I am not alone with this!
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