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So I had an issue with my 2019.

It would surge every minute or so on both regular cruise and adaptive cruise. It was like someone was pushing the accelerator until 1mph over set speed and releasing over and over,. This is obviously bad for fuel economy, but also for the drivers sanity…

So, I looked in available TSBs and found only one, TSB 08-149-21, pertaining to the Drivers Assist System Module (DASM) for 2019 trucks. It mentioned excessive forward collision warnings/ghost forward collision warnings as symptoms. It mentioned nothing of a periodic surge…

In any case, I decided to flash the DASM from original flash 56029827AF to NEW flash 56029827AH to try and see if it fixed the surge issue.

I'm happy to report that it fixed the issue! I also received confirmation from another owner that this flash indeed fixes the surge.

So if you are reading this and have a 2019 or early 2020 equipped with adaptive cruise, and you are experiencing this surge…

First print the attached TSB and bring it to your dealer so they can complete it. To avoid any issue with scheduling repair, don’t say you have a surge, instead, say you have excessive forward collision warnings. They then will reflash the DASM for free if under warranty.


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