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Hey guys, im looking for answers as the dealership cant figure out my problem. My truck is 2015 3500 6.7 Mega cab Laramie with 250K and has been shutting down while driving/towing my 38' fifth wheel RV. The code that comes up on the bully dog is U11B9, which is lost comms with RF hub. We have changed the WIN module and had the key fobs programmed but the issue persists. I'm at a loss!!!

The dealership plugs in and they see the U11B9 code but can not replicate the shut down at the dealership other than once, which is why the WIN module was changed. Sometimes I can restart the truck immediately and others I would have to disconnect the batteries and ground out the cables to restart, now that is not working and I have to sit along side the road for up to 1hr before the ignition functionality returns. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.:S::S:

All my issues have started since the dealership changed the shift module in the trans. Would this have anything to do with this shutting down issue?
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