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I have a 2014 Ram 2500 6.7 Laramie with the 8.4 uconnect. About a week ago I noticed while driving the climate said off. Going to the climate settings I couldn’t turn it back on. I thought it was a glitch cause the radio had stopping showing what was playing but audio was still coming out, so after shutting off truck and restart it was fine. Couple days after that it started again and climate was just stuck off but AC was still blowing.
It will randomly come back on and let me change settings and so then I will have actual AC and cold air, then it will go back to being stuck off but the AC will still blow whatever settings I had set.
if the climate is stuck off I obviously can not make the air get cold, but I can push the AC and recirculate buttons (won’t light up), I can put it on defrost, or make it warmer but not very cool.
I have done the newest update, done the reset with the volume and tuner knobs. I’ve done a factory reset and then reinstalled the update. I’ve added coolant which actually made the climate controls work again on the radio, now it’s stuck back on off.
Anyone have ideas or similar problem?
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