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I just bought a new '14 2500 Crew Cab, but it didn't come with cab lights on it. I figured there are plenty of aftermarket kits out there like Recon and Pacer and I could just put them on later. Not having them stock wasn't going to break me from making the really good deal I got.

Anyhow, I bought a set of Recon smoked lenses with the amber LED's, but the directions they sent me appear to be for a 3rd gen chassis. I was wondering if anybody has installed cab lights on a 4th gen truck, preferrably a '13 or '14 and if so any pics or templates that you used to help.

I have the xm radio antenna on the front driver side of the cab that I have to work around as well.

If anybody knows of a good template or where I could get one that would be great. Thanks
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