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2013 exhaust?

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I'm new to the diesel world and this forum so if I'm asking something that has already been asked I apologize. I did do a search before I started this post but I'm not sure I quite understand what is or isn't available for the 2013's. In August I got a 2013 4x4 2500 Laramie ccsb with the 6.7. I'm not interested in doing any deletes or major mods, but I would like to get an exhaust if possible to get a better sound out of it. Some sites list their exhaust systems for 07.5-12 and some offer the same systems for 10 & up models. I saw some turbo back systems offered with muffler and bungs, some without bungs, and some without muffler or bungs. Are the systems with muffler and bungs compatible with the 2013's or is there still something missing? Thanks for any input.
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Long story-Short--- No, there are no current exhaust options I am aware of for 2013. If there was it would be from DPF and back, and this would most likely not change your exhaust note enough to be anywhere near worth the money. (ok, semi-short)

EDIT - if you want a different sound, look into a cold air intake. Not much HP, but I like the sound.
I just saw in a magazine that Sinister are doing a DPF back exhaust for the 13s & it will alter the sound.
I seriously doubt it will alter sound or performance.
Thanks for the replies, guess I'll just wait a while and see what comes up down the road.
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