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2013 3500 4x4 Wheel & Tires

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Ordering a 2013 3500 SRW 4x4 Aisin to replace my 2012.

Looking at the option list, I did not see an "E" rated A/T option for either 18" or 20" wheel tire combination.

Am I right to assume the truck comes standard with 265 60 18 tires? If so, are they "E" rated A/T or street tires? Shopping around, I could not find an A/T "E" rated tire in that size.

If I select the 20" wheel option, assume the tire is a 285 55 20. Same question is it an "E" rated A/T or street tire? I know Michelin makes an LTX A/T in that size.

On the ranch I prefer an 18" wheel and tire for sidewall protection. I go through tires very fast here in our back country.

Running a street or all season tire on the ranch is not a good idea. Until I understand this better, I may hold up on my order.
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Thanks guys for lining me out. I had the size wrong on the 20" and missed the Goodrichs'

Dae are the LT285/60R20E ON-/OFF-ROAD OWL TIRES for the SRW standard on the 3500 or are they an option. If an option do you know the option code?

If standard I may go the 20" route depending on 17" tire manufacturer.

Thanks again.
You would think on a 3500 4x4 All Terrains would be standard equipment for either wheel size.
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