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2012 longhorn heated seat not working...need some help

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just recently my trucks driver side seat has quit working. i've read lot about how it'll blink or flash which mine has never done. you justturn it on and it turns off in about a second. when i do remote start the steering wheel heats up but the seat stays off and no lights. if you try and turn it on they turn off in a second. sometimes if you cycle the key it'll stay on for a couple minutes but no thinking its a module cause from what i read if it was a open or short it would flash...i bought my truck as a theft recovery so i have no warranty. i know how alot of dealers they'll keep replacing parts till its fixed then say there all neaded. i've been a mechanic long enough to know how they work.just wondering if anyone else has ran into this. i think the module is behind the switches somewhere i can hear the relays click near there.
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