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I have a 2012 6.7 dually with 218,000 miles. I have a problem that has been recurring for the past few months with increasing frequency that I can't seem to figure out. The problem begins with an ETC lightning bolt on the dash, which usually occurs right after I notice a "hiccup" or miss by the engine. If I'm at idle, it'll gurgle for a second then the light comes on; if I'm driving, I'll notice a significant kick-back and then the light. Either way, once the light comes on, after I park it and shut it off, when I go to crank it next it will crank longer than normal, fire, then immediately kill itself. Sometimes if I reset the ETC light by holding the pedal down in accessory for 30 seconds, it will crank up normally after. Sometimes it won't. If I pull the terminals off of both batteries and reset the computer, however, it will crank up fine.

Of note: I've had a CEL for quite a while relating to the grid heater. I had a shop replace the wire to the grid heater a couple of years ago after the CEL first popped up, and that lasted for a few months before it threw the code again. I've got a grid heater delete plate I'm going to put on when I have time, and I'm wondering if this is not all related to that electrical issue. I replaced the fuel filter and air filter recently. Batteries are less than 6 months old and voltage is normal. I've had a friend that runs a diesel shop tell me that I'm having an injector stick open, causing the kick-back and the ETC, but to me it seems more of an electrical issue. Injectors are stock though, so I'm sure they do need replacing soon. Does anybody have experience with an issue such as this?
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