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2012 Carpet to Vinyl Floor Replacement

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Well i know the preferred method was to buy a truck with them in it already and since i didn't do that i went the next cheapest route and got Weather Tech front floor mats. They tend to slide around (Passenger side) and bend due to heat or other factors.

Now my main question is, how expensive or practical would it be to send my truck into an interior shop and have them install vinyl flooring in? Does anyone know of someone who's done this? Tips, suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.
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There's a company that makes the molded to fit carpets and rubber floors to replace the factory coverings. I'm at a loss for now as to the name, but they do have a website. I think sells their stiff as well. I imagine they supply the auto industry at least to some extent as theyve been in business for a long while. I'll try to find them.
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