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Spring Fling 2011

We at Mason-Dixon TDC extend our invitation to all diesel enthusiasts to participate in our annual Spring Dyno Event/BBQ. This year, the fling will again be a two-day event so we can try to get everyone who desires to dyno onto the 'Humbler' and shake off their winter cobwebs.
The Dates

Saturday & Sunday, March 19-20; Rain Or Shine
The Place

Dave Guy Racing
901 Range End Road
Dillsburg,PA 17019
(717)502-8880 (717)502-8880
The Cost

$75 for 3 spins with HP/TQ readings.

Event Information and Class Rules Click!

There is but one rule: your hood must be closed and securely latched during the dyno runs.
Owners of trucks with stacks: please remember that you need to drop your flex pipe or allow us to slide the exhaust tube(s) over your stack(s) in order to vent the exhaust outside. Dually owners: please remove your outside wheels; this will help keep the show rolling along. Some of the guys may bring their extra SRW wheels/tires for dually owners to borrow, if desired. Tools will be provided to help and other members will help you if needed.
Those who desire to do some BOMBing work may use the shop; but please, all we ask is you clean up after yourself and then dyno during the weekend's event at some time. We also would like those who attend to please place their trash into the trash bins and not leave it laying all over the upper field. Finally, if the grassy knoll is damp or wet, please try to avoid tearin' up the auld sod; our gracious hosts are disappointed whenever they see the rough tore up after an event.
Charity Bracket Shoot-Out

Once again, we will run a charity bracket shootout with all the proceeds going to a charity that will be announced soon.

* On your T-Time card, on the back, you will write down your best guess at what HP you will make.
* When you get in the dyno bay you pay the fee to dyno($75) and a extra $10 to participate in the shoot-out.
* The owner running closest to his HP guess will be the winner; there will be a runner-up also.
* Plaques will be given to both the Winner and Runner-up.
* ALL money collected for the Shoot-Out will be donated to a charity that will be announced soon.
* In the event of a tie, we will use the torque number to break the tie.

This is for a good cause; we will also have a place for those who wish to donate to the cause if they do not dyno that weekend.
As usual, this is a bring-yer-own-grub event. Whip up a pot of your favourite stew. Bake a tray of pasta. Roast that deer quarter you have left over from last fall's hunt. And if you forget, stop at a grocery store on the way and get some cold cuts and cheese. And don't forget the usual chicken, burgers, dogs 'n' buns!
Now that we're back in the early spring, we hope y'all'll shake the cobwebs loose early and have a great time. Will The Dyno Ninja have an ace card up his sleeve? Will Pappy have his head on straight? Will "The Enforcer" have the cojones to beat his last numbers? Will "The Hammer" dare to sniff nitrous again? Will we see a 450HP 1st Gen Dodge? Join us and see for yourself! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Just thought I would throw this out there..I am hoping to go to this one its a little far off to know for sure tho

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Bump. I'll be there.
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