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2010 ram 2500 Cruise Control not working

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I recently bought a ram 2500 6.7 Cummins after owning a 5.9 for years and never having any trouble. This truck seems to work like a dream but I have been chasing a nagging issue. The cruise control does not work.

I have replaced the witch and brake switch (with OE parts) thinking that might be a quick fix but that did not work. I know the truck has been tuned with EFI live, but I have removed the tune and had it retuned thinking that the cruise issue was related to the tune. I checked all wiring and verified that I had the correct voltages at the switch and through the clock spring. I also found alpha OBD that allows me to look at various vehicle parameters and noticed that within the PCM cruise control shows not equipped. It is a Laramie truck so I know it came with cruise.

I have heard that the tune can disable this feature but I was confident that I got around that issue by removing the tune. I then suspected that there was an internal fault within the PCM and I sent the truck to the dealer to have this “verified by a factory trained professional” and they seemed to come up with the same findings.

I replaced the PCM (wow they like those things!!) but the cruise is still showing not equipped.

I really like the truck and would hate to see it go for something so simple but I am not sure what else it could be. I made a post previously and found that there were some who have had similar experiences but I wasn’t able to figure out what they ended up finding to be the fix.
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