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2010 dodge with injector problems can you help

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I just bought a 2010 dodge 2500 yesterday. first diesel. It has an 8 in lift 37 in tires and a 6 in turbo back exhaust. Dpf delete and airrade intake. It has 78000 miles on it. Its a very clean truck doesnt look like it has been dogged. when i bought it everythang was fine until the next morning. i went to start the truck and the check engine light came on and i looked on my mini maxx programer at the diognostics and it read #5 injector so i erased it and went on about my business truck ran fine. this morning i woke up got in the truck and the check engine light came on again so i looked it up and now it says #3 and #6 injector but not #5. does anybody else have this problem
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but the truck is running fine, i am wondering if its something with the programmer or something else i bought a 48 month warranty but just found out all the extras i got on the truck voides it.
uhm, its not the prorammer, it only knows what info is being past thru the OBD port to it
A truck with those kind of mod may look nice but I would bet it has had a rough life. Higher rail pressures also can take a toll on injectors but its hard to diagnose issues like this without more info. If you can get ahold of the previous owner and hr is honest, ask him if he had the same issue with the truck.

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Thank yall I will try to look him up. I was sure hopeing this truck was gunna last but you never know. Know if I can find a shop to help me with my warranty w ithout hzveing to go back stock. Also do yall know anythang about 60 hp and up injectors. If I go back with new injectors schould I go bigger or stay stock
Don't know what your codes are but it also can be a electrical harness problem
id get them pressure tested asap. you could cause bad damage going awhile on a bad injector. Does it have any smoke at start up? what color? if you really did have an injector out on the common rail that these cummins use, they take 3-4 times longer to start than normal.
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