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I have a 2010 with new Cummins engine my batteries shorted out burnt the ecm out so I ordered new ecm it came programmed to wrong vin number so I sent it back got replacement put it in and it wouldn't tell altenator to charge so again I sent it back they sent me a replacement. I install it and the truck shows it being in manual shift mode and stuck in 4th so I checked dtcs had none but I pushed erase on scanner anyway started the truck and it went into drive so I take it for test drive it shifts fine went prolly 5 miles stopped at intersection and take off it shifts 1-2-3- just fine when it went to 4th engine revd and bang hits 4th hard and it's back in limp mode stuck in 4th and won't come out so I limp it back home has shift solenoid code now. So I clear it an go for another drive does same thing after about 10 miles so I stop shut key off put it in park start back up it's back in drive again it seems to do it less if it's cold but when you stop shut key off and put it in park when you restart it will go back in to drive and work fine until you have to stop and it has to go back thru the gears sometimes it will and sometimes it won't go past 4th but I'll add it never had any trans problems before I replaced this last ecm.thaks please help I've been dealing with the ecm problems for 2 months now
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