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Going to put new rims and tires on tomorrow.

Can anyone tell me how much farther my new rims and tires will stick out compared to stock based on this information.

Stock Rims:
17x8 6.25 Backspace +41 MM Offset

Stock Tires:
BF Goodrich Rugged Trail LT265/70R17E OWL 10.4" on 8" rim

MB Wheels Predator Rims
20x8.5 5.73 Backspace +25 MM Offset

Cooper Zeon LTZ
LT305/55R20E 12"wide on 8.5" rim

The reason I need to know is I am tring to decide on wether i should put on Bushwacker Pocket Style (2.5" cover) or Power Wagon Style Flares (1" cover)??

I do not raelly want the PIMPIN look of Pocket Style but I am afraid the wheels will stick out way to far for the power wagon style?

Thanks so much,


Pictures coming soon!!

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If I'm reading your specs right the new tires should only stick out about 1.25 inches more than the stock tires. The new wheels have about 1/2 in less backspacing than the stockers and the tires will be about 3/4in wider on each side of the wheel.
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