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2008 dodge ram 3500 mega cab dually UPGRADES ???

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Ok so it has been awhile since posted and i just pop in from time to time, so busy anymore not much time to be on here lol. I have my 07.5 dodge ram 3500 mega cab dually she has been down awhile as i had some big issues so i went an got a 2008 dodge ram 3500 mega cab dually this weekend, one of those can't pass it up deals with a side of money pit ... I'm wanting to add mirriors like the stock ones but with the marker lights and puddle lights on them but not sure which is the best to get? I like my stock ones with the small mirror in the corner but have not seen anything like that for the upgrade ones only with the long mirror part.

If you guys could suggest some info. pics etc. really appreciate it thanks.
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