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2007 5.9 auto hesitation for a few seconds from dead stop

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The truck is a 2007 2500 mega cab 5.9 auto. I just bought this truck. It doesnt seem to do this when i first get in the truck from sitting awhile. When I take off from a dead stop the truck will not go for a few seconds then finally kicks in and goes. There is also quite a bit of driveline vibration going on that may or may not be related. I checked for codes and nothing comes up. Please help.
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It does this when im in gear.
No noise at all.
Yes vibration pretty bad in steering wheel and seat.
Im going to drop the truck off at reputable trans shop and have them check it out. Ill post results
Well I got lucky. It ended up being the gov pressure and transducer solenoids. Also my ujoints in the rear shaft were shot. It rides and shifts like a new one now.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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