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2006 3500 Dually Towing MPG??

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I used to have a 2006 3500 4x4 6 spd manual dually and I seem to remember getting 14 mpg towing 15,000 lb trailers. Does this seem right or am I smoking crack.

Reason I ask is I'm thinking about getting rid of my dmax and going back to an 06 dodge. I went to an 09 dmax after my 6.7 dodge left me stranded numerous times. I love the dmax and have it the way I want it but I tow a 3 horse trailer with a 13' living quarters and slide out and the best mileage I can get is 10 mpg. An extra 120 miles per tank would be worth it to me. I have my on an 06 with 50,000 miles on it.

What are you guys with the 06's seeing for mpg towing heavy loads.
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I have a 07 5.9 towing 10k I get about 14 at 75 just over 2k on the tach with 4.10
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