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2006 3500 5.9 auto trans wont shift out of park

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hi guys,
I am working on a 2006 3500 5.9 auto trans 2 wheel drive duel wheel set up. the shift leaver wont come out of park unless you really and i mean reall pull on the shift leaver. once its out of park it works just fine . but after you put it in park again its sicks in there and just dont want to come out?? i thought it was a btsi problem so i put a new cable on it and am haveing one heck of a problem getting that cable adjusted .???
this this is driving me nuts. the manual lever off the trans is hard to move with out the cable hooked up??
the truck runs fine other then that. no trans shift problems except for getting that thing out of park. the unit thats above the shift arm on the trans that connects to the manual arm (i beleive to be the prindle asm) i dont think could bind up the shift but sorta new to these so i am nor sure. haveing a bit of trouble finding good info on this unit?? but i dont want to open up the trans unless thats what is needed to do for this repair???from what i have frond i think its a 48re trans ? any help in theis matter would be great. sorry for the long read but if you can help in this matter please let me know. Thank you
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