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2006 2500 Cummins Best Ride Lift Kit?

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My 06 has leveling kit and cheap a$$ aftermarket rear springs (Dorman) rides Rougher than a rodeo bull. Truck has fuel offset wheels and 35’s on it & really would like to lift it 6” and go with 37’s. I do pull boat trailer occasionally (only 21’ boat) and not too far so I would rather have ride quality than towing ability. What’s best ride lift for this rig?
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I can't speak to Carli's products, but they appear to be solid. I went the Thuren route and have his 3" XS Coils up front, as well as full leafs out back. In addition, you have to run his shackles out back, as was mentioned above, and I use his Sway bar. For shocks I'm just using Thuren's Overland models, which are nothing special, just a solid, stock style shock. I'd like to upgrade to some King shocks one day, but they have an incredible back log of work last I checked.

I am extremely pleased with the ride quality, absolutely amazing compared to stock! My wife drives a late model Suburban, and I'd have to say my 06 Dodge is very comparable ride quality wise.
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