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2005 ram 3500

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Hey i am looking at a new truck a 2005 ram 3500 crew cab short box with the 5.9 cr and auromatic tranny in it. it has a 6" lift and what looks like 35's i am just curious is to what kind of mpg's i can expect when i get the truck and what mpg's i can expect after i do exhaust manifold, intake manifold, CAI, 4" turbo back straight pipe and smarty sr? any input is helpful thanks :thumbsup:
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2 or 4 wheel drive.
keep your foot out of it and you should see somewhere around 17 so long as it,s not all city driving.
Keep the revs below 2K as much as possible to get the best mileage.
Mine varies as much as 3 mpg depending how often I run above 2K rpm.
This is the single biggest variable I have found in the last 10 years.

Mods won't do zip except for the Smarty, absolutey the best box except for the added weight it puts on your right foot! If you know what I mean.
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