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2004 Upgrade Questions

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First let me thank you for any response to my thread ahead of time. I am sort of new to the game. I have a boring 2004 (305-555) 2500 six speed 4x4 that has cold air, bd power pup (extreme), silencer ring removed, dixie air horn. Don't get me wrong I like the mild horsepower, smoke, whistle, and of course dukes of hazard horn. I just want more. I am seeing what you think I should do. Can I stack with power pup? Straight exhaust? I am running a stock turbo, stock injectors, stock exhaust, stock six speed. I don't need more smoke but if it come with the added power that is cool. I just wanna go fast and still be able to tow sometimes. Thanks again.
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You should look at a fuel pump (AD, FASS, etc.)
^^^^Gauges and FASS or Airdog....straight exhaust is a cheap way to mod your exhaust.
I forgot that I also have an aftermarket lift pump and bullydog outlook monitor to watch the temps. I am not sure of what pump it is I know the guy I bought it from made sure to tell me about it. It is mounted under the cab and you can hear it when you turn the key it is pretty loud so I would know when it goes out and it is cheaper to replace he said. This truck does pull hard off the line when the turbo spools up the rears will almost always break on dry pavement. This truck gets awesome gas mileage on highway around 65mph it gets 19+ all day long( I hand calculate every fill up). Also It has some kick with the bullydog and throws smoke when I jump on it at about 60mph on the highway so I figure I am getting enough fuel. I have more questions for you guys. Does anyone know what the offroad package on this truck is because I have it and someone told me it has bigger gears. I cant find any info except fog lights, tow hooks, limited slip diff. Thanks again guys I will look into the fuel pump and I did see the muffler elimination kit just now. Besides noise and temp is there any more advantages to straight? I just don't want it too loud. What am I saying. Yes I do.
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