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2004 stereo aux input on the back of OEM stereo?

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I would like to add an auxiliary cable so that I can plug in my pod/phone. If I get to the back of the OEM unit will I find an aux input that I can use? Thanks.

this is the unit

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Go to Crutchfield, get a chassis kit and a stereo head unit. Wicked easy to install . I got a Clarion head unit with a USB port out the back Bluetooth etc. Sounds great with factory speakers and keeps the I pod charged all the time I think I paid $250.00 well worth it.
Crutchfield sells one made by USA Spec that works well with the stock stereo. I have one that I would like to get rid of because I don't use it. PM me if you are interested.
i bought the pac steering wheel button interface and alpine head unit from crutchfield and I'm pretty happy with it.
I bought the USA spec one from my local car toys, it comes with both the 30 pin apple plug and a set of RCA inputs. It works great and I can use either my wife's iPhone or my DROID for podcasts.

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