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My truck is a Ford,..and I will tell you a couple things that would scare me away from that deal..

1. Edge a well known for destroying trannies on fords.
2, price is a bit high
3. early Navistar engine that has high miles....get an Oassis!
Read my screen name, and then read it again! +1 to all of the above, and I will add that almost any programmer other than a spartan will destroy the early 6.0s, even without abuse. Even if this truck has a clean oasis, the 6.0 has had a good deal more than its fair share of wiring harness/chafing issues, and will probably have a few soon with high mileage on the clock. The heads/gaskets/bolts are a known problem, even stock. They will let go sooner or later, unless studded. 5.9L common rail injectors are a dream compared to the 6.0 heui injectors. All designs have their shortcomings, but with that engine it's easier to count the strong points. Trust me, I was a diehard ford guy, but that was THE WORST powertrain I've ever owned, sad considering it was my first diesel. If the owner never brought it in for service, it will also be behind on several recalls and ECM reflashes to correct injection stiction issues, egr cooler failure, ebp sensor delete, sticking turbo vanes, remarking of the degas bottle, hmmm....that's all I can think of off the top of my head. My dealer was understanding, but even they had to stop comping me with a loaner out of their pocket after the eighth or ninth in-warranty failure. If that doesn't scare you away, good luck. Wait till you have to change the serpentine belt on that engine, and you'll love where they chose to mount the fuel filter.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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