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The FIRST theing you should do, is run an Oasis report. I believe it shows you everytime the truck has been into the dealer for a repair. If it's been there a lot, it's more than likely a lemon.

Even with a completely clean Oasis report, I can't recommend a 6.0 'Stroker to anyone. My Uncle had an early 6.0 (either an '03 or '04) and he had nothing but problems with it.

A 7.3 would be a much better option, and as far as I know have the same body style if you get a latter one. That is of course, if your set on a PowerStroke.

If you have 19K to spend on that Ford, you could save quite a few thousand by either buying a nice CommonRail, or a really nice 12 Valve. You can find a rust free, 5spd, 4wd 12 Valve (2nd Gen) for around 7K, which will be much more reliable than a 6.0. If you're set on a 'Stroker, the 7.3 is the way to go, in my opinion.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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