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2004 F250 6.0

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I am starting to look for a semi-cheap priced diesel. I would like to get one that is as stock as possible. On craigslist i found a 2004 F250 Harley Davidson Edition with 91,700 miles for 19000 obo. the owner states how it has: Edge Programmer with Attitude monitor, 4" exhaust from turbo back,Volant Cold air intake system, 35" BFG's put on less then a year ago and a stereo system. I dont really care about the tires because I work at a tire shop and I really do not care about the stereo. I am going to go look at it tomorrow and is there anything you guys can point out to look for? Also when driving it is there anything I should keep an eye on? If the price is negotiable I think i should be able to get a pretty good deal on it but the early 6.0 kinda scares me. Thanks guys.
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The FIRST theing you should do, is run an Oasis report. I believe it shows you everytime the truck has been into the dealer for a repair. If it's been there a lot, it's more than likely a lemon.

Even with a completely clean Oasis report, I can't recommend a 6.0 'Stroker to anyone. My Uncle had an early 6.0 (either an '03 or '04) and he had nothing but problems with it.

A 7.3 would be a much better option, and as far as I know have the same body style if you get a latter one. That is of course, if your set on a PowerStroke.

If you have 19K to spend on that Ford, you could save quite a few thousand by either buying a nice CommonRail, or a really nice 12 Valve. You can find a rust free, 5spd, 4wd 12 Valve (2nd Gen) for around 7K, which will be much more reliable than a 6.0. If you're set on a 'Stroker, the 7.3 is the way to go, in my opinion.
My truck is a Ford,..and I will tell you a couple things that would scare me away from that deal..

1. Edge a well known for destroying trannies on fords.
2, price is a bit high
3. early Navistar engine that has high miles....get an Oassis!
:agree2::agree2: OASIS report is a must. Like the above posts, the early 03 and 04 6.0 engines had alot of trouble. Now if this one has been trouble free, maybe not too bad of a deal. I would work that price down some. Also, a CARFAX history report too. Just my two cents to ya. Good luck.
the early 6.0's were 50/50 on being good, if its at 91k and oasis is clear then you shouldn't have any issues other than the normal stuff. if your set on a 6.0 get the '06 or '07 models as they had most of the bugs worked out by then, they still have lemons though as does GM and Dodge. Friend of mine has a '04 F350 with 375k on it and only problem he had with the truck was a bearing wore out on his front hub. GL on whatever you buy!
What is an Oasis report? How do you go about doing it? The owner CLAIMS he has owned it since it had 12k on it and has not had a single issue. I wouldn't near pay him what he is asking but on Kelly Blue Book the Trade-in Value is $16,425 in good condition and a Private party value of $19,415 in good condition. As far as being stuck on the Powerjokes, i just really like the look of the Harley Davidson Edition but would be just as happy with a good Dodge. I dont really care much for the duramax because i dont like the independent front suspension. I have about 20-25k to spend and my options are totally open but I am stuck on buying a diesel.
its a vehicle search that Ford does on their cars/trucks, let you know the vehicles history. Good way to find out if the truck is problematic or clean as a whistle. See if any recalls from the factory have been done etc

Ford Oasis requests - is one way or the local Ford dealer
If it's got a clear report and it seems ok in person I would just try to talk them down a lot. I also like the look of the HD fords I just dont like what is sitting in the engine bay.
Ya i especially love the look of the Harley Edition! But I am still very hesitant about the early 6.0. I will see when i check it out today.
If your at all hesitant about the engine, then why not look for another truck! There are plenty of them out there right now, most that are priced better than that. I've heard too many horror stories of those 6.0s from people I know, let alone all the stuff online about them, to ever consider buying one! Whats the point of getting a good deal if you have to turn around and sink $5000 into it once you get it home! I would seriously be looking at other trucks/engines if I was you.
My truck is a Ford,..and I will tell you a couple things that would scare me away from that deal..

1. Edge a well known for destroying trannies on fords.
2, price is a bit high
3. early Navistar engine that has high miles....get an Oassis!
Read my screen name, and then read it again! +1 to all of the above, and I will add that almost any programmer other than a spartan will destroy the early 6.0s, even without abuse. Even if this truck has a clean oasis, the 6.0 has had a good deal more than its fair share of wiring harness/chafing issues, and will probably have a few soon with high mileage on the clock. The heads/gaskets/bolts are a known problem, even stock. They will let go sooner or later, unless studded. 5.9L common rail injectors are a dream compared to the 6.0 heui injectors. All designs have their shortcomings, but with that engine it's easier to count the strong points. Trust me, I was a diehard ford guy, but that was THE WORST powertrain I've ever owned, sad considering it was my first diesel. If the owner never brought it in for service, it will also be behind on several recalls and ECM reflashes to correct injection stiction issues, egr cooler failure, ebp sensor delete, sticking turbo vanes, remarking of the degas bottle, hmmm....that's all I can think of off the top of my head. My dealer was understanding, but even they had to stop comping me with a loaner out of their pocket after the eighth or ninth in-warranty failure. If that doesn't scare you away, good luck. Wait till you have to change the serpentine belt on that engine, and you'll love where they chose to mount the fuel filter.
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I had a 04 that was trouble free. Two more 6.0s in the family, one 06 is doing great the other was a 03 and was a lemon.
I would check into it but only if I got that price down a little.

What did you find out?
I would stay away. I noticed you live in Flagstaff, check out the phoenix craigslist. I've seen a lot of 3rd gen 4x4 for 14-20K.
I have a F550 with a 6.0 and after 152,00 miles, i just had the EGR taken off my truck, it was losing coolant. I hope that it isn't blown headgaskets, the 6.0 are notorious for this also. I love my Dodges.
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