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A friend is selling an 04 cummins 3500. He hasn't been able to get it run in a year not really trying too hard. He had bad batteries is possibly what started this, or one of the batteries bounced up into the hood creating a short while driving.
I am not able to get the real story because the driver is no longer with the company. The only thing we know for sure is that the engine ran away a year ago when he stepped on the gas pedal but the pedal returned to idle.
He took it to the dealer here in Panama who told him it was the computer ECM? They sold him a new one installed it and it was a no start. then forced him to pay $4,500 for that and would not put the old one back in. They then told him he needed a $4,500 pump so he towed his truck away. He sent his old one to Costa Rica who tested the old one and said it was perfect.
I plugged in the scanner and was able to pull up 2121, 2122.
It seems logical that the tool is correctlty diagnosing the TPS but I was not able to find any posts about a run away on this site. With a tiny bit of starting fluid the engine started up. I was on the engine side when he started it ready to try to choke the engine if it ran away. He doesn't want me to press on the pedal before purchasing because someone else started it about six months ago and when they pressed on the pedal it ran away a second time. We were both short on time so I had to go but it run's. Is there a way to bypass the tps for troubleshooting what resistance? Any help would be greatly appreciated he just want's this thing out of his shop.
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