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Hi All, I have just joined this forum and found it very informative and very helpful.
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction with this one.
We have a 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 with the 24v Cummins engine fitted and it has allsorts of gremlins with the electronics. The truck has been stood for 12 months (elsewhere) or so and was believed to be running (although not very well) beforehand. The batteries had gone flat in this time.
We have charged the batteries off the vehicle and refitted them. (both seem to be holding charge fine)
Things that DO NOT work:-
1. keyless entry
2. Fuel guage and volt meter
3. Diagnostic (on-off 3 times does nothing)
4. Warning lights come on, go out and come back on one at a time with a chime for each one.
5 Fuel pump is not constant, it pulses. (have tried testing the feed and the feed is pulsing) The injectors can be heard pulsing also.
6 Key in door lock will only unlock the drivers door, but the button on the door panel locks and unlocks all the doors.
The engine will spin over but will not start. (Not tested for fuel at fuel rail yet)
The vehicle Vin has been checked at a Dodge dealer in the US and it has been confirmed that it does NOT have the "Sentry" key system fitted.
All the fuses and many of the connections and grounds have been checked.

Any ideas anyone?
Any suggestions would be greatfully received. ( before I start stripping it down)
Have heard that I might have to unplug the instrument cluster and plug it back in while the batteries are connected? any truth in this??
Thanks. John.:thud::$:
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