Here is a project truck for someone. Truck has 278,000 miles and some rust and dents. Air dog Raptor fuel pump that is 3 years old. Engine runs strong with no blow by.
If you are looking for a perfect truck this is not it.
The bad. I’m pretty sure the Torque Converter is slipping. It will lock up fine but slips before it get there. Converter was a billet single disk (bought from a vendor on this page doghouse diesel maybe? In 2010.). Truck will need a torque converter and tranny clean or rebuild. Truck has never had a tuner. It is lifted and leveled 2”. It has 315/70/70 tires. Truck still drives and starts. It can be driven up on a trailer. Truck needs to be trailered home.
Oil and Fuel filters have been changed. Donaldson and Fleet guard filters were used. I have some filters will go with the truck.
Interior isn't the best 5/10. Cracked dash with a replica cover on top. Seats are leather but driver seat has a tear. Heater treater blend and mode doors.

I have more pics but wouldn't let me post.
Any questions feel free to email me. [email protected]. Or shoot me an email for my phone number