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2003 5.9 cummins bogs at idle

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Hi everyone I got a very hard situation I can't figure out but first I want to tell you everything that is done I own a 2003 dodge cummins 5.9 6 speed manual the motor was just rebuilt about 10,000k ago it has 60hp bd injectors and a fass fuel system with a superb turbo and all brand new when I put the motor in and am running a bully dog triple pup for a chip ok now that I think is close to everything.
So now when my truck is at a idle it seems like it bogs then ticks like ifi was starting in a high gear at a dead stop (the rpms do not move when it does this) but only does it for about 2 seconds then it goes back to normal but it contuesly does it so I did plug it in and at a shop and the fuel rail pressure drops off wen it happens then spikes right back up so I'm really wondering what the hell is going on please help me
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Id try replacing the FCA.
Correct. Unplug it and try it for about a min watching psi. Shouldnt surge or bog. It will knock like an old vp pump 24v though. Dont attempt to drive or rev with the fca unplugged.
Sounds like an FCA problem to me still. How many miles on the rig? If its starting and running fine otherwise just a little idle flucuation and lope id try FCA.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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